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WriteText.ai is an AI tool for Magento, creating product texts immediately. Features include adjustable attributes, AI market targeting, SEO optimization, and more. It supports multiple sites, accounts, stores and operates in two modes: Single and Bulk.


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Utilities and Tools

WriteText.ai is an AI-powered extension for Magento, designed to create product descriptions. It auto-generates meta titles, meta descriptions, detailed product descriptions, short product summaries, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts directly within your Magento interface.


  • Unlimited ecommerce site and user account support.
  • Direct publishing to Magento.
  • Adjustable product attributes, tone, style, content length, target audience, and user roles.
  • Advanced image analysis to refine descriptions.
  • AI-powered market suggestions and keyword analysis.
  • SEO optimization through keyword density tracking.
  • Text rewriting and layout consistency with reference products.
  • Content review history log and efficient bulk content management.
  • Support for multiple stores.
  • Chrome extension for streamlined content management and product fact-checking

WriteText.ai offers two modes: 'Single' for customized settings per product and 'Bulk' for auto-generation of content for numerous products. It supports unlimited ecommerce site connections and allows creating multiple user accounts at no additional cost.

WriteText.ai Single

In this mode, users can set the tone, style, and market focus of a product, execute in-depth keyword research, and choose the semantic keywords and product characteristics for the generated text. WriteText.ai creates personalized copy in about 50 seconds, which can then be edited prior to posting. This mode emphasizes the creation of custom content aimed at particular demographics, taking SEO into account.

WriteText.ai Bulk

WriteText.ai Bulk empowers you to create content for many products at once. It maintains a uniform tone, style, and attributes across all chosen products. It prioritizes speed and efficiency making the content creation process smoother for big volumes of product descriptions.

Languages supported

Version 1.2 of WriteText.ai accommodates international users with support for multiple languages, among them Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This allows businesses to seamlessly generate content in their respective Magento site's language, enhancing global customer engagement. The tool auto-adjusts to match your site's language, defaulting to English when the language isn't supported. Translation of the interface is currently underway.


Disclaimer: WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with Magento. It is not affiliated or endorsed by Magento.

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